Kimberley Moore: Singer, Musician, Composer, Performer, Workshop Facilitator.


Kimberley Moore with her guitar.


Fun and frolics for all is the aim of the game with Kimberley's interactive comedy Walkabout sessions. She'll meet and greet groups and individuals in character and interact in a way that allows for sharing spontaneous or inspirational moments that audiences can fully immerse themselves in.

Sometimes working solo or teaming up with other performers, she’ll delight and captivate participants and guests. Most often with a musical element, Kimberley and her versatile performing partners have experience of working and engaging with various abilities and personalities.

Walkabout examples

They're able to adapt their energy accordingly, with sensitivity, to the room. There's lots of fun and larking around to be had and they are an ideal addition for icebreaker situations. Her offerings are accessible and aim to perfectly fit the vibe you are looking to create.

The Ukulele Elves.

The Ukulele Elves

Performing Rudolf the Red Nose reindeer and Jingle Bells

Kimberley Moore with the Banana Ukulele Band.

Banana Ukulele Band

Walkabout, comic, musical, aesthetically pleasing and interactive act that's a bit - well, bananas!

With a ukulele or two, this ripe ol' cheeky bunch have a tip top repertoire of harmonised and improvised musical treats which blend together like a refreshing smoothie.

Throwing some moves and shapes, fruity puns and interactive fun - even if it's from a distance.

Come Say "Yellow" if you spot these promenading potassium performers!

We can also come as a pear - by that I mean two of us!

Ukulele Elves

The Elves have a Tinsel-Tastic repertoire of Christmas classics, and they've given many well-loved favourites their own special twists: Jingle Bells with a hip-hop finale anyone?

These minstrelling musical marvels have previously entertained at many primary schools, including Arden Grove, Erpingham, Bignold, Astley and Reepham, in assemblies, dinner canteens and classrooms, surprising the children!

They have also been guests as many Christmas light switch ons and strumming and singing around the local streets of towns, cities and shopping malls.

Office parties are also a great place to hire these cheeky crimbo crackers!

Their banter and daft sense of fun encourages audiences to sing along and get involved. The Ukulele Elves are absolutely guaranteed to add a sprinkling of Christmas cheer and seasonal silliness to any gathering or event!

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The Ukulele Elves.