Kimberley Moore: Singer, Musician, Composer, Performer, Workshop Facilitator.

Therapeutic Healthcare Clowns

Kimberley Moore with her guitar.


Kimble Curly is a clown who clowns therapeutically. She works alongside another cool clown colleague as they clown together to create joy and fun.

Therapeutic or healthcare clowns are professional artists with experience and training in clowning and person centred participatory arts. As they do their rounds and visits they aim to bring moments of joy, delight and distraction to people of all ages and abilities.

Meet Dr Kimble Curly

We're pleased to share a musical hello from Dr Kimble Curly, Satsuma and Beat Boxing Bear! Visit Suffolk Artlink and support this valuable work.

After the Rain

An extra special song from our Clown Doctors to you! We hope you will sing all the colours of the rainbow with our Clown Doctors!

Kimble Curly can bring smiles and a positive change to wellbeing and the immediate environment for children, vulnerable adults, including people living with dementia, people in hospital care or caring homes. Also perfect for anyone which isn’t any of these things but you feel may still benefit from meeting this silly sensitive pair.

Kimble Curly and Clown Dot to Dot.
Kimble Curly and Clown Dot to Dot.

Clown Doctor

Kimble curly has been working as a Clown Doctor for Suffolk Artlink since 2014 on their Clown Round project. Through this Arts Organisation Dr Kimble Curly is able to work with a team of Clown Doctors and deliver Arts Funded sessions in hospices and hospitals. Depending on your setting this may be a good route to go. Find out more about what can be offered in this way here. Or if you just think this is a great idea then please donate to the Just giving page here.

Get in touch if you'd like Kimble Curly to scoot on up to your community.

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